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Kevin Reinoso is a Venezuelan DJ and Music Producer currently based in Miami, FL.


With a distinctive tech house style, he draws inspiration from artists such as Dennis Cruz, Mark Knight, Michael Bibi, John Summit, and Afrojack.


While Kevin has always been passionate about House music, he's continuously searched for his true sound. He has found a way to blend his Latin roots and Tech House music to create a unique groove, setting him apart from other DJs and producers.


His versatility has allowed him to collaborate with artists from various genres and styles. Kevin has played in renowned venues such as Daer Day Club, Club Space, Wall Nightclub, and Delano Hotel South Beach, as well as District Atlanta and numerous clubs throughout the United States and internationally. He has also performed at festivals like Vibra Urbana Festival, Coral Gables Hispanic Festival, and Venezuela Music Festival (VMF).


Additionally, he has shared the stage with prominent names in the industry such as Tom & Collins, Anthony Atalla, Tony Guerra, Harvy Valencia, Gian Varela, and more.


In his pursuit to connect more with his listeners, Kevin has started new projects like Midnight Sessions and Into The Sunset. These live events take place in remote locations, from beaches to rooftops, where he showcases his unreleased songs and special remixes live for the crowd. With his unique style and commitment to providing unforgettable live experiences, Kevin Reinoso is a rising talent in the Tech House scene.

Coral Gables Hispanic Festival:


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